Enzyme Facial 90 min. $150
Kur Botanical Facial 75 min. $135
This is a rejuvenating facial that focuses on feeding the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. 

Our skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the food we eat.
By distributing these products topically, the client receives the supplements that the skin is lacking. One is sure to leave with their face feeling luminous and supple after receiving the Kur Botanical facial.

This facial is a customized facial that includes products that are based on the clients skin type, skincare needs and goals. It is an active facial with massage, exfoliation & extractions. This is facial is to extinguish dead skin cells, helps aide new cell growth and to restore moisture and hydration to the epidermis. 

(This facial includes more massage)
The clear skin facial is a facial that helps to control acne, relieves blemishes and aids acne scars.
This facial is great for teens!

(There are more extractions included with this facial and less massage.)
​Clear Skin Facial 75 min. $135

                                                                                     Eyebrow Shaping $30
                                                                                     Eyebrow Clean-Up $25
                                                                                     Upper Lip $15
                                                                                     Chin $15
                                                                                     Full Face $50
                                                                                     Full Arms $45
                                                                                     Underarms $25
                                                                                     Stomach $15
                                                                                     Bikini $45
                                                                                     Brazilian $75
                                                                                     Full Leg $60
                                                                                     Half Leg $35

Hair & Scalp Treat 45 min $75

This lovely treat is especially nice when added to a facial.
Your scalp and hair will feel rejuvenated with tea tree and coconut
Oils from the skincare line Om Pur.


                                                                         Full Set $200
                                                                         Fills- $90

Rhonda Allison Peels are customized based on your skincare goals and concerns.
They can target hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring along with 
being a “pick me up” for your skin. 

Peels $165-$300